MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Following the torrents of rain, the Crow River is among the first to get a flood warning tag from the National Weather Service, and in excess of 15 feet, it’s set to crest sometime Thursday.

The river that winds through Watertown has already flooded both the parking lot and park area of Rick Johnson Park on Lewis Avenue. Living in Watertown since 1965, long-time resident Marvin McNeese said he could only stop and stare.

“No, I have never seen it like this,” he said. “I live over on the other side and now the water is completely covering the dam and play area. You used to be able to walk across the river at this point.”

For the time being, the overflowing river is merely a curiosity and conversation starter. But depending on the rain expected later Tuesday evening, the situation may change.

Resident George Amanson and his wife were surveying the submerged areas of the park and pretty much could guess what was coming next.

“Today it’s the parking lot and the dam,” Amanson said. “Tomorrow it will be that picnic area up the rise a little ways, and then once the picnic area goes, they’ll have to close Lewis Avenue to Delano.”

In Delano, the Crow River is only 16 to 18 inches below the Bridge Avenue bridge at River Street, causing a lot of anxious looks from passers-by. Joe Lindholm is among the residents nervously watching the water levels.

“We live on River Street, so it’s a matter of getting stuff off the floor in the basement and crossing our fingers,” Lindholm said. “We’ve been very lucky the past not to get flooded out, and we are hopeful this time round.”

At B’s on the River golf course, some of the holes got a bit more challenging. Then again, the water bill is going to be cheap with the six inches that came down last weekend.

“We’re good with the rain now — we can save some until August,” Bryan Baumann said.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)


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