MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Our Minnesota lakes give us the chance to be on the water in boats, kayaks, on skis. Now, many are getting on the water to do some yoga.

The Shed Fitness Studio is launching a new yoga class on Thursday that puts its students on paddle boards for an added challenge.

“We are combining the two because it’s an excellent way to build core strength,” yoga instructor Liz Westerhaus said. “It’s like you’re walking on the water. You’re right on top of your board.”

The Shed studio has teamed up with Wheel Fun Rentals on Lake Calhoun to offer yoga classes on the water.

Bringing it to the board intensifies your practice because the water makes you less stable. It becomes session of constant movement, even if you’re trying to be static.

“It kind of adds an element of fear to your practice because you could fall. And people fall all the time,” Westerhaus said.

With an ever-changing foundation, the movements are slowed down. Every pose becomes a balancing act.

“It takes a lot more focus. You have to be much more deliberate with your movements,” Westerhaus said.

If you add in the elements like wind, waves and noise, the class gets even harder. Yoga on the water is a serious challenge, but it also takes the seriousness out of yoga.

“It’s a much more playful way to do yoga,” Westerhaus said. “With all of these amazing Minnesota lakes we have, we hope we can jump on this trend. It’s all up and down the coast right now and slowly making its way to the Midwest. We are hoping it takes off the next couple of summers.”

The official name is SUP Yoga, which stands for Stand Up Paddle Board yoga. The 90-minute classes cost $38, which includes board and life-jacket rental.

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