MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A group seeking justice for Terrance Franklin, the 22-year-old man who was shot and killed by police in the basement of an Uptown home in May, wants the officers involved prosecuted.

According to police, Franklin was a robbery suspect who fled by car and foot before breaking into a home. There, Franklin allegedly struggled with two police officers and shot both of them after getting hold of one of their firearms.

The official investigation into the incident wrapped up in early June, but Franklin’s family is skeptical of the results. They claim Franklin was shot five times including several shots to the back of the head. They also question how the investigation was carried out and accuse the department of racial profiling. Now, the Justice for Terrance Franklin Committee is seeking to educate the public on the case. They held a community forum Thursday evening at the Minneapolis Urban League.

“Judging by the way he was killed, we know something very wrong happened down there,” said Mel Reeves, a member of the committee. “We know that he shouldn’t have wound up dead.”

The group is also seeking prosecution for Lucas Peterson, the police officer who fatally shot Franklin.

A spokesman for Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman says the case will now go to a grand jury.

“We are hoping [Freeman] will be fair and will open his eyes to all of the evidence,” Reeves said.

Thursday’s rally comes in wake of the recent misconduct of Minneapolis police officers in Green Bay which, according to Reeves, has already created a lot of tension in the community.


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