MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota State Fair is now just two days away, and there are new rules for people who like to light up on the fairgrounds.

Starting this year, smoking will be restricted to 18 designated areas, which will be marked to give smoking fair-goers a road map to where they can and can’t light up.

“It’s the ‘Great Minnesota Get-Together,’ and we’re doing our best to accommodate everybody,” said Brienna Schutte, a fair spokesperson.

Fair-goers will no longer be allowed to walk down the Fairway with a lit cigarette or cigar in their hands. Smoking will only be allowed in certain designated areas that will be clearly marked throughout the fairgrounds.

“The idea is we’re trying to accommodate both people who want to smoke and those who don’t,” Schutte said.

She says that the designated areas will be easy to find and not off the beaten path. There will be benches for people to sit while smoking and places to rest their cigarette buts when they are finished.

Last year, people where allowed to smoke in outside dining areas, so they could have a smoke with their favorite adult beverage, but not this year.

“At the outdoor dining area, smoking will not be permitted,” Schutte said.

However, smoking will be allowed inside camp grounds and in parking lots.

State Fair police will try and enforce the new rules by giving friendly reminders to fairgoers who are smoking outside of one of the 18 designated areas.


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