MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Microsoft founder Bill Gates is still America’s richest man. It’s the 20th year in a row Gates has been at the top of Forbes Magazine’s 400 richest list.

According to the magazine, he’s worth $72 billion.

Investor Warren Buffett is in second place with $58.5 billion.

Some Minnesotans also made the list including Marilyn Carlson Nelson and Barbara Carlson Gage, who are each worth $3.9 billion, thanks to their hotel and restaurant holdings.

They’re tied on the list at 118th.

Cargill’s Whitney MacMillan comes in at 112th with $3.8 billion.

Media executive Stanley Hubbard makes the list with $2.2 billion. And Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor is the 327th richest with a worth of $1.7 billion.

Not on the list? Zygi Wilf.

A recent investigation into the Minnesota Vikings owner gave Wilf a clean bill of health, financially.

The investigation into the Wilf finances began after the Wilfs were found guilty of fraud in an unrelated New Jersey court case.

It takes at least $1.3 billion to make the Forbes list.

Wilf’s net worth is estimated as being between $310 million and that $1.3 billion mark.


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