MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Chronic aches and pains can keep you from going to the gym or doing any kind of exercise, but the irony of that is that exercise is probably exactly what you need to alleviate the pain you’re having — whether it’s in your joints or your back.

Angela Davis worked out with a personal trainer today who showed her how to deal with knee pain.

For some people, every step causes some discomfort. Their knees are a problem. They suffer from stiffness and swelling and feel out of alignment.

“Pain comes from weaknesses and imbalances of strength. So, by getting on a balanced exercise routine you can strengthen above and below the joint of concern,” personal trainer Dennis Gudim said.

Gudim of Statera Fitness in St. Paul showed WCCO’s Angela Davis what to do become pain-free:

First, they worked on strengthening the muscles near her knee, so they started with a leg press, one leg at a time.

Next, the leg curl to work on my ham strings.

“You gotta strengthen up those joints by strengthening the muscles around the joints,” Gudim said.

We also worked on the quadriceps near the upper part of the knee.

When you start, it’s a good idea to get some guidance from a trainer.

“There are some exercises that you don’t want to do, depending on the condition you have,” Gudim said. “So, you want to make sure you are doing the right exercises for the right area. You also want to make sure you are progressing at the appropriate level so you are not going too fast.”

Gudim said many of the people he trains suffer from some sort of pain in their knees, shoulders, hips or back. He says they start to get relief within a matter of days of starting strength training.

On Tuesday, Gudim will show Davis some exercises that are ideal for better balance to avoid falls as we age, and for back pain.

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