MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – With all of the questions regarding coach Jerry Kill’s absence and its affect on the Gopher football team, fans like Sue McCormick and Michael Doyle say they weren’t concerned during Saturday’s game in Michigan.

“We’re there to be support him no matter what,” McCormick said.

While they want to see the coach healthy, they said they don’t think he should be fired – unless he wants to step down.

“I think it should be his decision, not anybody else’s,” McCormick said. “If he feels he can do it and he feels he can maintain his health, he should stay coaching. It’s up to him.”

Still, it is the fourth time Kill has had to sit out on game day because of his seizures. Even Michigan Wolverines fan Zach Dribbon feels for the team.

“You don’t want to see your head coach having seizures, not being able to make games,” Dribbon said. “You want him to be on the sideline every time, so it’s tough he can’t make it.”

Even though the Gophers lost to the Wolverines, the fans are sticking by their winning-record team and their coach.

“It’s all in the record,” Doyle said. “If he’s winning the games, if he’s proving the team as a whole, I mean, that speaks for itself.”


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