MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As the shutdown of the federal government went into its sixth day, “Saturday Night Live” took a shot at Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachman.

Show host Miley Cyrus performed a parody of her song “We Can’t Stop” in character as Bachmann. The music video “We Can Stop (The Government)” showed Cyrus’s Bachmann grinding up against John Boehner.

At one point, the video made a reference to Cyrus’s now infamous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last month with the message: “Out of Twerk.”

“Like any satire, it’s outrageous in bringing forward images of irresponsibility and decadence on the part of Republicans,” observed political analyst Dr. Larry Jacobs, who appeared on WCCO’s Sunday morning show with Esme Murphy. “When you look at the reality of this, President Obama and the Democrats have also gotten hurt by this shutdown. You see their negatives starting to rise. (But) Republicans are getting hit much harder and this kind of satire hits them exactly where the leadership worried most when they went on this journey.”

On Saturday, the House unanimously passed legislation that would give furloughed employees retroactive pay once the shutdown is over. The senate and president are expected to approve it.

Still, there is no end in sight to restart the government.

Republicans want to negotiate healthcare with President Barack Obama, but he said that won’t happen until a budget is passed.


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