Debra from Hector: How long has it been since the Vikings have won a Super Bowl game?

The short answer here is the Vikings have never won a Super Bowl game. But, alas, Vikings fans, here’s a little more context. The Vikings have played in the Super Bowl four times since the start of the franchise in 1960. In 1970, they lost the big game to Kansas City, 23-7. In 1974, they lost to Miami, 24-7. One year later, they made the Super Bowl again but lost to Pittsburgh, 16-6. In 1977, the Vikings lost to Oakland, 32-14. Seems like we’re about due for another trip.

Jake from Milaca: What does the state do with the street signs after it replaces them?

MnDOT said they reuse the aluminum backing for the more general signs that hang over the highways. If the sign is in rough shape, it can be sold as scrap metal. As far as street name signs go, MnDOT doesn’t install, maintain or remove those signs – that’s up to the cities and counties.

Randi from Roseville: Why do we call liver spots, liver spots?

According to National Institutes of Health, liver spots have nothing to do with the liver. They are flat, brown or black spots that show up on areas that have been exposed to the sun. Apparently, they were originally thought to come about because a person’s liver wasn’t functioning as it should, but now doctors say that it not true. The Mayo Clinic refers to them as age spots, because they are common in adults older than 40.


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