MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It is Get Movin’ Monday and this week we’re not just talking about working out. An important part of your work out is the recovery process.

If you don’t take care of yourself after the workout, all the benefits can go down the drain. This week we are looking at foam rolling and how it’s helping people recover faster and avoid injuries.

Foam rollers are a round piece of foam that allow you to roll out the muscle and fascia, which is on the outside of the muscle, said fitness expert Chris Clark. He said it makes it so that the muscle can move better. The roller itself looks like a rolling pin and acts like a self-massager.

“The idea is that when you press against it, you get all the knots out,” Clark said.

Clark said it’s something you can do by yourself. It allows the muscle to move more freely and you feel much better while training. It is especially helpful for people who experience a lot of back pain. Another tool, the IT band, is helpful for those who experience tightness with knee pain, hamstrings or hip pain.

“When we can lengthen that out, that really changes that whole hip structure and makes you feel much better,” Clark said.

Clark said part of working out is healing and recovering, and your body makes gains during its recovery from a workout.

Ideally, the rollers should be used before and after workouts, at least twice per week.


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