Jen from St. Paul asked: Why can’t we recycle wrapping paper?

In some places, like Minneapolis, you can. But it can’t have any reflective material or glitter. Nancy Lo, with Hennepin County’s Department of Environmental Services, says wrapping and tissue paper is often just too thin, so the fibers in it are too short to recycle it into something else. She also says the dye can contaminate the paper and those little pieces of tape used for wrapping make it tough to recycle.

Stephanie from Norwood Young America wanted to know: Does it ever get too cold to snow?

“No, not technically at the very least,” said WCCO-TV meteorologist Matt Brickman. He says when it gets extremely cold – say -40 degrees – the air is so dry that it’s hard to make snow.

“The air is so cold, it has a lot trouble holding moisture,” he said. “But that’s not to say it can’t snow. If you were to get a strong, low pressure, you still could generate some snowfall.”

In anticipation of the New Year’s Eve celebration: What does Auld Lang Syne mean?

It comes from a Scottish song and poem from the 1700s. Translated, it means old long ago, but more conversationally – times gone by. Hearing the first line, “Should old acquaintance be forgot,” is a nice reminder to remember our long-time friends.

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