It’s Blue Monday & We’re Not Talking About The Weather

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The holidays are over, and everyone is back to work, having been off in some cases for weeks.

It’s a stressful time of year, according to Dr. S. Charles Schulz, Professor and Chair of the University Of Minnesota Department Of Psychology.

“I think that there is a change in mood, from being in elevated and excited and connected with your friends and family over the holidays and now that’s over,” Schulz said.

The idea of Blue Monday started in 2005,when a travel company looked at the factors making people feel down, like the weather, holiday debt and failed New Year’s resolutions.

Schulz says here in Minnesota, the frigid temperatures don’t help.

“That’s pretty darn stressful, too,” he said.

There’s not as much daylight this time of year either.

“People who have vulnerability to season affected disorder, this is still a time of year that can be particularly tough for them,” he said.

Shulz advices people to try to stay connected with family and friends during the winter months, and remember that spring is just about 10 weeks away.

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