Raising Money For 'Battle Van' ConceptBy Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A new approach to dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is helping one Afghanistan veteran’s dream become reality.

Researchers believe veterans dealing with stress-related problems can cope with their issues by helping others. Doctors say although the concept is not new, it is an approach they are now pushing and it appears to be working.

Ian Barr, 25, served with Special Forces during his tour of duty in Afghanistan back in 2007. It was there he witnessed the death of his friends, a traumatic experience that still haunts him today.

Barr’s service to our country left him dealing with stress-related problems. He was told by doctors that helping others would help him deal with his issues, so Barr set out to serve those who also served.

“I’d like to see a new community of veterans in Afghanistan helping each other and becoming friends and giving each rides to doctor’s appointment and job interviews, things a soldier needs to get done to readjust to being a civilian,” Barr said.

So, Barr and a friend came up with a concept and used YouCaring.com to raise money.

Barr calls it Battle Van. It’s a new way of dealing with his stress and helping those who need it most.

“Veteran volunteer driver and disabled veteran passenger. Helping and healing will be going both ways. He’s healing his own emotional and psychological issues and helping someone else and helping people feels good,” Barr said.

Daniel Cummings of Cummings Mobility is on board with Barr’s vision.

“I believe strongly in his vision,” Cummings said.

Cummings Mobility has pledged to help Barr find resources and make connections so he can provide rides for all veterans, making Battle Van a reality.

Battle Van is looking for volunteers, as well as money, to buy a van and keep it running. Click here for more information.

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