MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Country super-stars Rascal Flatts are bundled up and in the Twin Cities Tuesday. They stopped at BUZ’N 102.9 as part of their nationwide radio tour to promote their new single called “Rewind.”

They told us, even in the cold, they love coming to Minnesota.

“I love the people up here because the fans are the best up here. They really, really are. They’re fired up,” Jay DeMarcus said. “Normally, in the north you don’t find people that are really, really fired up, they’re more subdued. But when you come back here, it’s like we’re back in the south again.”

The band said the new album only has two or three ballads, a lot of the songs will be upbeat.

Starting in March they’ll tour Europe, then be back in the states to finish the tour this fall.

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Why do a radio tour now?

Gary LeVox: When we first came out, we did a radio tour and our current single is called “Rewind.” We thought it’d be a great way to go back and thank radio and do what laid our foundation for us. To all of our friends and family at radio, just thank you so much for a wonderful ride so far.

Get it? Rewind? Then back to the beginning. See what I mean? That’s what we’re doing.

We waited for the cold weather to leave, so here we are.

I get it. I like it. You guys are really big. I mean, to come back and do the radio thing, it’s got to be humbling …

Jay DeMarcus: (laughing) Hey now. It’ll come off.
Gary LeVox: It’s holiday weight!
Joe Don Rooney: My mama does good cooking.

You have a couple No. 1 hits, a little bit of fame. People “may or may not” have heard you guys by now.

Joe Don Rooney: First of all, I appreciate that. It’s nice of you to say. We wanted to do this. And we’ve been dying to do this and show some love to radio.

It’s a lifeblood to the music business and the fans. It’s the only way they can get it, to hear it first off, through radio. They’ve been there since day one. We just want to get back, love up on them and come back to Minneapolis and thank all the fans on the radio. It’s fun.

Gary LeVox: Before our tour kicks off and we go crazy. We’re going back to Europe for the European leg of our tour. Then we’ll be back in the states.

Tell me about the new album. What can people expect?

Jay DeMarcus: They can expect 11 brand new songs. They’re all different than the ones previously released.

That’s good. It really helps sell albums.

Jay DeMarcus: We’ve been really excited about this record, quite honestly. We took our time to experiment, do some things and get in the studio. Just as important as finding out what we needed to do, what we didn’t need to do. So we got to try some things and mess around a little bit. We really, really got a group of songs together that bridges the gap between the old familiar Rascal Flatts and ushering the Flatts into a new era of music.

We’re really, really excited about it. We’re grateful to our label Big Machine to allow us the time to experiment and find ourselves creatively.

It’s just been a blast. We’re thrilled and can’t wait. We’ve been living with the music for a long time, we can’t wait to get it in the hands of fans.

You guys have been here for the State Fair, 2-3 years ago and times before that too. What’s your favorite thing about coming to Minnesota, other than our obvious awesome winters?

Jay DeMarcus: (In a horrible Minnesota accent) I think the accents. That’s what I like the most.

I love the people up here because they fans are the best up here. They really, really are. They’re fired up. normally, in the north you don’t find people that are really, really fired up, they’re more subdued. But when you come back here, it’s like we’re back in the south again.

So I love the fans. But Gary, you love to go hunting don’t you?

Gary LeVox: Yeah, I love to go hunting. Early bow season. Bow season is good up here.

The Timberwolves have always treated us great and gave us a practice facilities when we’re on tour. They’ve really been great to us.

Joe Don Rooney: We suited up with them.

Gary LeVox: We did. We played a couple games. Jay had a triple-double in one. It’s a long story.

Jay DeMarcus: I don’t like to brag about it.

Gary LeVox: Timberwolves needed the help that game.

Joe Don Rooney: [In seriousness] what Jay was saying. It feels like family every time we’re here. It’s great to be back.

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