Aerial Yoga Combines Grace With Exercise

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(credit: CBS) Nina Moini
Nina Moini joined the WCCO-TV team in August of 2013. She reports on...
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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It’s the second full week into the New Year and those of you with resolutions to lose weight may already be getting a little bored. That’s why the WCCO Morning Show went flying into some unique workouts.

For Wednesday, Nina Moini showed everyone how to do aerial yoga, a spin on an ancient practice that has really taken off in the past five years.

Hanging upside down may seem like an intimidating way to work out, but Yoga Center founder Jennfier Gray says, at her Twin Cities studios, aerial yoga is for everyone.

“We teach you where you’re at,” she said.

The goal is to modify the exercise for each person’s ability, and work your way up, helping you build core strength in a way that gives you more room to work with, thanks to those aerial slings of fabric.

Moini strapped on a helmet with a GoPro camera in it to show how the practice looked from the yogi’s perspective. The helmet may be optional, but Moini said feeling the burn was not.

Classes are generally comparable to regular yoga classes, with beginner one-time workshops just to get your feet wet.

Natalie Nyhus took in an aerial yoga practice a year and a half ago. If you want to compare and contrast her performance with Moini’s, click here.

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