By Mike Augustyniak

As the title might imply, most meteorologists are interested in way more than the weather. Like meteors; all things space, really. That’s why this new picture from NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity caught my attention today.

Above the Martian landscape you see — wait, is that a speck of dust on my computer screen? No … that’s us. Our home. Earth. All of the wars, poverty, Tweets, Superbowl victories, amazing restaurants, friends and enemies that fill our day. Just a speck, 99 million miles away.

These types of views, of course, are not new since the space age began; you’ve probably seen the famous ‘Earthrise‘ picture taken by Apollo 8 astronauts. Even this particular view of earth — seen from the lens of the other Mars rover named Spirit — was captured, albeit blurrily, back in 2004.

Still, though, in my deadline-rich, over-scheduled day this image actually got me to stop. And contemplate. And appreciate. And that’s an amazing gift that I wanted to share with you.

If we look at them from a different way, our problems aren’t as big as they seem.

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