BUFFALO, Minn. (WCCO) – The Red Bull Crashed Ice track is going up right now in St. Paul.

The frozen course sends racers up to 40 miles per hour down a twisted frozen course.

The races are on Feb. 22, but before the event, some local folks have been inspired to try it at home.

Cole Meyer iced over a giant hill at his parent’s house in Buffalo to re-create the course.

The junior at University of Wisconsin-Stout has gone out five times a day over the last two weeks to spray the ramp down with water to create an icy course.

Despite being a life-long hockey player, Meyer says it’s tough to navigate.

“If you can skate really well, it doesn’t mean you’re good at this,” Meyer said. “It was tough getting used to, you know, if you’re used to skating on flat ice, but going downhill, hitting jumps is a little tough getting used to.”

He did try out to be a wild-card qualifier at Crashed Ice, but hasn’t heard back yet.


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