MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — How much money do you spend per year on your hair? Forbes magazine estimates that women spend on average, $750 annually to keep their tresses in tip-top shape.

A Minnesota company has a solution to save you money. All week, the WCCO Morning Show team is looking at small businesses in Minnesota, and Natalie Nyhus headed to 50th and France in Edina to learn more about dpHUE.

“Forever there’s really only been two options for hair color. You have boxed hair color and you have salon hair color. It’s always been that never those two should meet. And now we have a third option,” Maddy Persuitti said.

Enter dpHUE. The D-P stand for Do Professional. This Minnesota company is giving women the tools to have salon-looking hair without spending hundreds.

“We believe if you have a professional product and you use it the right way, you can get professional results at home. And ‘hue’ is obviously our color. So we want you to do professional with your color,” Persuitti said. “We package it for you to go. You can do it yourself at home the same as you would a box. So you get the convenience of a box color and the quality of salon color, and you really can take control of it yourself.”

Every dpHUE customer gets a consult from a professional cosmetologist who chooses your custom color and application. Then, you have three choices: you can apply it at home, in dpHUE’s salon or have a professional do it for you. The take-home box costs $38. If you want to have some in-house coaching, it’s $7 more. Or, if you’d rather just have a professional apply it for you, that’s $10 more.

If you choose the first option, just like the convenience store box color, you are going home with a box. But that’s where the similarities end.

“You have your developer which is going to be premeasured for you, your color, and then an accessories box that has two sets of gloves, a mini-conditioner, and anything that helps you get the right color,” Persuitti said. “So many women are frustrated with their hair color experience. They’ve never had another option. … It’s like the iPad. I didn’t know I need it until I knew what it was.”

The business is connected with the Pohlad family, who own the Twins, they have a radio station, car dealerships and more.


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