MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The City of Lakes already has winter parking restrictions in effect due to the streets being clogged with snow and ice, and now some snow emergency routes will see some fresh parking restrictions.

The city announced Friday that some of Minneapolis’ snow emergency routes are so packed with snow and ice that traffic cannot flow safely. Thus, crews will soon post no parking signs on particularly clogged snow emergency routes. These signs may be on one or both sides of the street, and they’ll stay up until street conditions change.

Cars parked along routes with signs will be ticketed and possibly towed to an impound lot, the city says.

These are the snow emergency routes that will be affected:

— 9th Street South, from 20th to 24th avenues
— Chicago Avenue, from 26th to 28th streets
— 35th Street South, from Hennepin to Emerson avenues
— McKinley Street Northeast, from 25th to 29th Avenues
— Irving Avenue South, from 28th Street to Lagoon Avenue
— Xerxes Avenue South, from 39th to 50th streets
— 42nd Avenue South, from 34th to 46th streets
— 44th Avenue North, from Fremont to Penn avenues
— 3rd Avenue South, from I-94 to 26th Street West

Minneapolis’ winter parking restrictions prohibit parking on the even side of non-snow emergency routes.

In the Twin Cities this season, nearly 60 inches of snow has fallen.


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