By Tracy Perlman

Earlier this month Peter and I were asked to participate in Fan HQ’s “Rock ‘N’ Jock” expo, a fan-fest of sorts involving local sports, music and art. It was a packed event at the New Hope Cinema Grill. The Twins Blog hosted the Twins Spring Training viewing party.

As part of the commercial entertainment, we had some interviews set up. One of which was with Twins third baseman Trevor Plouffe.

In a phone interview from Ft. Myers, he talked to me briefly about how Spring Training was going, why he’s confident about the upcoming season and how he’ll be walking to a different tune this season.

Listen to the full interview or check out the transcript. If you have any other questions for Trevor or other players, let me know and I’ll do my best to ask when the guys return to Target Field.

Twins Blog Catches Up With Trevor Plouffe

TB: First I have to ask, as it’s already pretty cold here in the Twin Cities, how’s Spring Training going for you?

TP: Spring Training is going very well. I think our team is coming together very well. There’s a nice report in the clubhouse. You know, we’re working hard down here.

TB: As a veteran now with the team you’ve been getting a lot of props for mentoring the younger players, especially Miguel Sano, who potentially could take your job at third base. Obviously his injury has changed some things, but before that, was he a concern for you heading into the season and spring training?

TP: No not at all. We’re a team here, we just want to win baseball games and focus as the rest of our team is focused. When you start thinking about stuff like that and things you can’t control, it’s just not good for the team. So for me, I want to be able to help guys in any way that I can. I remember coming up and helped me and how much that meant to me and I really want to be one of those players.

TB: That makes a lot of sense. Speaking of injuries, you spent some of the off season rehabbing some of yours. How are you feeling?

TP: I’m feeling 100 percent now. The beginning of the off season I was rehabbing my left wrist, now I’m pretty much rehabbed as a whole. Got down to Spring Training and it hasn’t bothered me once since I’ve been down here which is a good sign. Now I’ve been able to hold up for all the games and practices. It’s something I’ll have to keep an eye on throughout the year as I continue to get it ready and healthy.

TB: Any other positive signs for you? Are at-bats going well?

TP: My at-bats are going well. We’re still pretty early in these games. I’m seeing the ball well. I’m working with [Paul] Molitor, [former manager] and TK (Tom Kelly), pretty much every day. Corrected a few things that needed to be corrected, working on first step and the corners at third base. That’s stuff I’m working on right now. Hitting is very important. I know that will be there, but these are things I also want to improve on.

TB: Trevor, we’re here for the RockNJock expo, it’s all about sports and music. We’re done talking about sports, let’s move on to music. Are you a big music guy?

TP: I am a huge music guy. I love it.

TB: Roll off some of your favorite bands or albums.

TP: I could go all over the spectrum with some of my favorites I’ll go with Led Zeppelin, obviously as my No. 1. I love Cream, you can transition into Pearl Jam, Sublime for my 90s stuff. I like a lot of punk music too. I went to a lot of punk shows when I was younger. Bands like Penny Lies, the Descendants, Bad Religion, I could just keep going.

TB: Your iPod gets a lot of play is what you’re saying.

TP: Yeah, a lot of decent stuff.

TB: Obviously you guys play a lot of music at Target Field. Can you preview any walkup songs, are you going to pick a new one this year?

TP: I’m thinking about picking a new one, just kind of change things up. Maybe turn things around for us as a team. I’m not sure. I’m probably going to another Led Zeppelin song, possibly an Eddie Vetter song. But that’s still up in the air.

TB: You could go with the pick two or three songs. A lot of the guys go with that.

TP: I’m thinking about doing that, picking two.


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