MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you thought Tuesday was nice, wait until you see what Wednesday has to offer.

The WCCO Weather Watcher is glowing red, meaning warmer weather is just ahead. We’re talking 70s, for the first time this year.

And businesses all around the state are preparing for the forecast. For the first time in months, the deck at Brit’s Pub will be covered, but not by snow.

“[On Wednesday] the deck you see here will have every table out, every seat out, the bar will be open, the kitchen will be open,” said general manager Shane Higgins.

That news may prompt patron Melissa Thone to spend some time outside, at one of her favorite spots.

“You still needed a jacket [on Tuesday],” she said. “So [on Wednesday], hopefully no jacket, cocktail in hand, out on the patio.”

The forecast is also good news for the staff at the Columbia Golf Learning Center.

“[Wednesday is] going to be the one that opens the golf courses…, the sunshine and 70s will definitely do it,” said employee Stefani Zappa.

The forecast may cause another business to catch some breaks.

“I can imagine we are going to see a lot of people who step outside…and say ‘Oh my Gosh, I just need to be on a bike,'” said Tyler Buckley, the store manager at Eric’s Bike and Board Shop. “So we’re expecting big things for [Wednesday], hoping for big things.”


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