MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Ra’shede Hageman was a star at Minneapolis’ Washburn High School in two sports: football and basketball. His story includes life in foster homes before being adopted.

He’s grown into a man ready for the NFL.

“I’m thankful but, you know, I’m always remaining hungry. I’m just, you know, getting a step ahead of my competition, but I’m always humble,” Hageman said. “But I’m just so excited to be in this position. I’m just taking it as it is.”

His career with the Gophers set the scouts in motion, who could see that rare athletic talent. And they could project what it could lead to at the next level.

He tested well in the coveted NFL Combine.

“I felt like the Combine was easy for me because it was, you know, a lot of testing. But I felt like the Combine really established how dominating and how athletic I am,” he said.

He’s been impressing scouts the entire off season.

“Obviously you know what coaches see me playing as and … obviously how much potential I have,” Hageman said. “But the workouts are fine and they obviously want to see how, you know, how athletic I am and my tools I have and whatever. But overall it’s been a wonderful experience.”

So now he can only hope this tape has done enough to make him a first-round pick.

“I kind of stay out of the spotlight and I really wait, you know, and kind of see for myself, you know. There’s a lot of people saying this and saying that, but I just stay focused and just kind of remain the same,” Hageman said.

And on draft day, he will be there for the invited few.

“Sitting there, waiting and sweating, nervous, you know, just [to] hear my name called out,” he said.


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