Lots of parents out there want to know where their 20-something is going to grow up and move out. I chatted with Dr Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, the “Dr Spock of 20-somethings.” We had a great conversation about how you can help your emerging adult. You can read more about it in his new book “Getting to 30: A Parent’s Guide to the 20-something years.”

Also at 10:35 I was joined by Catey Hill from Marketwatch. We talked about a piece last week on how teens don’t want to work and get summer jobs. Did you have a summer job? Let me know what you did in the comments below. You can read Catey’s piece here.

Yesterday the Supreme Court rules on the Town of Greece vs Galloway, allowing for prayer’s at public town meetings. Dahlia Lithwick from Slate.com joined me at 11:10 to discuss the decision and what it means for non-Christians. You can reach her original piece here.

Finally to help you get through your afternoon, I share this video. Videos set to the song “Happy” are all the buzz right now, but this one is for the dogs!


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