MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As the weather (very slowly) changes from winter to summer, many are transitioning from boots to lighter shoes. Or at least thinking about changing over to lighter shoes.

People are starting to jog and run more, and they’re breaking out the flip-flops for day-to-day wear.

It’s no coincidence that doctors see foot injuries tick up this time of year because of all of that. WCCO’s Natalie Nyhus went out to ask a doctor all of her burning foot questions.

First, in a state where you have four different seasons and can’t run consistently outside, that can pose problems. Dr. Jeremy Fleishmann of Fairview Clinics said, above all, start slowly and listen to your body. Aches and soreness are both acceptable, but pain is not.

Fleischmann also offered advice on running shoes. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on them, but you also shouldn’t run in old shoes.

“If you’re just starting a routine, you probably don’t need the $150 top-of-the-line shoe,” he said. “The one main mistake some people make is they may dust off the old tennis shoes that have been sitting in the closet for the last couple of years and try to run in those. That can cause overuse injuries.”

Another source of injuries at this time of year are sandals. Many may love wearing them, but they can cause some serious issues in our feet.

“I’m not a big fan of flip-flops for a couple different reasons. Usually they are very flat and don’t provide support to the mid-foot. Also, without having a heel counter on the back, the foot obviously lifts off and that can cause people to kind of grab at the shoe with the toes, which can cause muscle imbalance issues,” Fleischmann said. “Flip-flops, while comfortable and nice when the weather gets nice, usually can cause more problems than anything.”

Fleishmann said good shoes with support are crucial.

One good way you can tell if you have a foot injury, other than pain, is that you may see swelling and redness. If you see that, you should talk with a doctor.


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