GRAND FORKS, N.D. (WCCO) — The University of North Dakota is taking heat over shirts students choose to wear over the weekend which some are calling flat-out racist.

A group of students photographed themselves wearing the shirts and posted them online. The shirts have the words “Siouxper Drunk” printed across the top with a logo underneath similar to the retired Fighting Sioux logo. In this version, the logo is drinking from a beer bong.

The clothes have caused a firestorm online. While people are upset with the students themselves, they’re also mad at the company that agreed to print the shirt,

The company issued a statement, saying: “We are very sorry about this offensive design. … We handle hundreds of thousands of custom T-shirt designs each year and have people review them to catch problematic content, including anything that’s racially or ethnically objectionable, but we missed this one.”

University of North Dakota President Robert Kelley also issued a statement, saying he was appalled by students’ shirts.

The school’s Fighting Sioux nickname and logo was dropped in 2012 after a long dispute with the NCAA. UND cannot select a new nickname until next year.


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