MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The search continues for the nearly 300 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram almost a month ago in Nigeria.

Dr. Kehinde Odusote said her reaction to the news at first was disbelief.

“Nobody expected that wanting to have an education would lead young girls to find themselves in this situation,” Odusote said.

She said they continue to keep the girls in their prayers.

“And we hope that the government will hear the cries of families worldwide, especially women,” she said.

Dr Richard Oni said he too was shocked to hear of the abduction, but says it may have served to alert the government about the problem.

“It woke them up,” Oni said.

Oni said it is unbelievable that in Nigeria, a country with 150 million people, that this could happen.

“With some many educated folks, that there is a part of the country that would take 250 children hostage because they went to school, that was unheard of,” he said.

The United States has sent in surveillance devices to try to locate the girls.


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