MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It’s like playoff hockey and goalies, in high school softball a great pitcher can carry you a long way.

New Prague has one such phenomenon, Nichole Reed.

Reed is almost unhittable.

So far, she’s unbeatable.

She led the Trojans to back-to-back upset wins over the number two and three seeds in the sectional tournament.

In 12 starts this season, she’s 12-0 with 99 strikeouts, and it seems just as many different pitches.

“My main pitch that I love to throw is my rise ball,” Reed said.

“It’s very drastic. Instead of rising like, going up like two or three balls difference, it jumps like four,” catcher

Saturday she used them all to throw a complete game. It was a 1-hit shutout in the section playoffs.

Oh, and she’s only a freshman.

“When she’s on, she’s as good as anybody in the state, for sure,” coach

At six feet tall, she’s got a big wind-up and that allows for some big-time velocity.

“I’d wanna say she’s topped out around 66-67,” coach “Yeah. Yeah. That’s bringing it. Nikki Anderson of the Gophers is, you know, 69-70.”

“I really try to use my legs just so I can push up far and get extra speed,” Reed said.

With her whole future ahead of her, she’s got some big potential.

But as she leads her team through the playoffs, she’s not worried about any of that right now.

“I just really try to focus on my breathing, just staying in the game, and focusing on the pitch that I’m throwing,” Reed said.


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