MN Soldier Speaks Out Against Freed POW Bowe Bergdahl

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Minnesota man is questioning what he sees as a hero’s homecoming for a former prisoner of war.

Bowe Bergdahl was released from Afghan captivity on Saturday in exchange for five terror suspects in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Former Army Sergeant Josh Korder served with Bergdahl in Afghanistan.

He came forward Monday claiming Bergdahl deserted his post and shouldn’t be celebrated.

“Any of us would have died for him while he was with us and then for him to just leave us like that, it was a very big betrayal,” Korder said in an earlier interview with CNN.

Korder believes Bergdahl walked away from his post and isn’t the hero he’s being hailed.

“I think he just wanted to go on an adventure without having anyone to answer to, without anything to worry about,” Korder in an earlier interview with CNN.

Six soldiers were reportedly killed during searches for Bergdahl.

Three of the names of fallen comrades from Blackfoot Company, 2nd Platoon are now tattooed on Korder’s back.

“It’s very frustrating to me to turn on the TV and to see Bergdahl’s family on the TV being shown to everyone and then these soldiers, although they had very beautiful and extravagant ceremonies after they died, were pretty much were only recognized in the local news, local newspapers. They were never nationally televised for their sacrifices in the way that he is. And he pretty much voluntarily walked away and in turn caused the actions that may have killed them,” Korder said in an earlier interview with CNN.

While Bergdahl’s hometown in Idaho prepares for a homecoming, possibly as early as the end of the week, Korder wants people to keep in mind that they don’t know the whole story.

“He is at best a deserter, and at worst a traitor,” Korder said in an earlier interview with CNN.

The White House defends the exchange, calling it “the right thing to do.”

Korder did sign a nondisclosure agreement about this situation. His family told WCCO he knows the risk he’s taking by talking.

Korder was recently discharged, which was listed as “other than honorable.”

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