MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you’re looking for a unique shopping experience, head about 35 miles west of the Twin Cities to Buffalo, Minn.

On the first weekend of every month, stores open their doors for what’s called an “Occasional Sale.”

Everything is truly one of a kind. The items for sale in Bellacoux and Thistle Dew are as unique as the store’s name. It’s all the work of owner Lin Cable, and what’s called “upcycling.”

“Upcyclying really just means taking the original item and turning it into something different,” Cable said. “Could be something as simple as a painting a piece of furniture and distressing it could be totally taking a piece and changing it into a different use.”

For instance, Cable turned a trunk into a dog bed, complete with a Tempur-Pedic mattress for the pooch.

Cable’s store is one of 18 in Buffalo that open their doors for only four days a month for occasional sales. From shabby chic to rustic cabin, shoppers can also find upcycled decor of all kinds at Second Hand Rose.

Owner Amy Johnson says it’s a new take on old antiques.

“I think people want to see antiques recreated. You know, I want to see something that might be old, something that reminds me of my history, something that might remind me of my childhood – and then changed to something a little bit more relevant and updated today,” Johnson said.

Here, someone’s trash turns to treasure; whether it’s a rusty sled turned into a coffee table or an old jack stand and creamery strainer that’s now a lamp.

They’re great conversation pieces for the home, while serving another purpose – keeping junk out of the land fill.

“We want to make sure that things are, you know, staying green. So we’re taking a piece and changing it and making it something new and using all of the pieces” Johnson said. “Whether it be something we can make into a key chain or a table or a bar, all kinds of different things.”

But if it’s the traditional antiques you crave, Buffalo still retains its unofficial status as Minnesota’s antique capital. Make sure to stop by the Buffalo Nickel Antique Mall that’s housed in an old barn. Every nook and cranny is filled with treasures, and this store is open every day of the week.

There are a handful of other stores open that are open every day, but most are only open the first weekend of the month.

And the cool thing is you will never see the same store twice. Every store changes up the items for sale each month so it’s truly a new experience for customers each time.

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