MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Staying inside and going to the gym is tough when the weather is nice. For Monday’s Get Moving Monday, Steele Fitness took us to our WCCO rooftop for an outdoor workout.

Trainer Luis Leonardo, of Steele Fitness, showed a circuit that you can do with minimal time and minimal equipment. You just need 5- to 10-pound weights.

“I want to show you how to be efficient with minimal equipment. We are going to start with basic lunges and do a bicep curl. We’re going to be getting to the bench,” he said.

Leonardo said you want to cover a distance with your lunges but it’s important to go slow and get as close to the ground as possible, without touching it.

For the next exercise, Leonardo utilizes the bench, keeping his feet under the bar. As you slowly lower your upper body, while holding the weight, raise your arms as you lower.

Lastly, take the weights and again, use the bench. Take a step onto the bench, raise the weights above your head, touch the weights together and then lower back down.

The great thing about this rotation of three exercises is that you can make it work in whatever amount of time you have, whether it’s five minutes or half an hour.


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