MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This morning, we’re talking about getting movin on changing up the interior of your home. So many of us get stuck in a rut and it can be scary to introduce a crazy, wild color.

Interior designer Brooke Voss helps us Get Movin’ — in a bright, bold way.

Voss owns her own Twin Cities design studio. Her first color tip: Go big, by going small.

She said take a risk — choose a bright paint color or do a crazy wallpaper on the ceiling, add a jazzy mirror.

“I can really take a chance (in one room), go bold, it doesn’t impact what’s happening in my kitchen or bedroom, for example,” she said.

Next tip? Use paint on unexpected spaces.

“I like the idea of painting the stripe on the door, maybe in your kids’ room. Maybe you give them the chance to pick a color for theirs. You don’t have to feel like you’re making a huge investment or big commitment. It’s a fun, fun way to add some flirty color,” Voss said.

You can also try using patterned paper to decorate the back of cabinets. There’s no big commitment and it’s an easy addition.

No glass kitchen cabinets? No problem.

“This could be a detail in the inside of a bookcase or inside of a buffet — even if it’s more traditional, it could be fun to have it be a more contemporary print,” she said.

And the last tip: Keep the base neutral.

“If you keep the whole space just safe, you don’t walk in and get that little zing of excitement,” Voss said. “You have to take a risk.”


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