MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Every four years, soccer fans get in line just to get their kicks at Brit’s Pub in Minneapolis.

Shane Higgins is the general manager at Brit’s and an amateur soccer player.

“Last week was a record-breaking week for us and there were only three World Cup games, ” Higgins said.

Higgins is originally from England, and so is the term “soccer.”

With rugby football so popular, the English needed another name for “association football.”

“”Association football” is soccer. And the word soccer comes from that association nickname- “assoc”…”soc”…”soccer,”” Higgins said.

As exciting as soccer fans find the World Cup, especially when teams score 30 seconds into the game like the U.S. in Monday night’s game, there’s still a lot of flopping, or faking, taking place.

Higgins says some of the best soccer players are also some of the best actors. They are trying to convince the referee their opponent hurt them in order to get a free kick.

“It’s a bit of play acting. They want to try and get a free kick,” Higgins said.

And when the 90 minutes are up and you think the match is over — it’s really not.

Extra time is tacked on.

It’s based on time lost while referees dealt with injured players or other stoppages.

“Celebrations for a goal or proper injuries, so often there will be an two to three minutes. Sometimes more, five or six minutes of injury time. And that happens in every game,” Higgins said.

Injury time happens in every game.

Extra time is the same as overtime.

That happens in elimination games when there is a tie or draw at the end of regulation.

This first round of the FIFA World Cup isn’t elimination, it’s pool play, so you’ll see some ties.


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