MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Every day, the average American needs to burn 100 calories just to keep their weight the same. It might not sound like a lot at first, but if you add it up, 100 calories a day for a year is an extra 5 pounds.

So, we went to Allina Hospital to talk to Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Courtney Jordan Baechler. She gave us easy tips to get moving at the office.

Sometimes, squeezing in a work out can be tough– especially if you work a lot.

“I think it’s not getting fixed on having it be 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Doing small 10-minute segments to break it up [also works],” Baechler said.

That’s easy to do even at the office. Baechler says it’s easy to burn calories all day long.

“Try to always take the stairs. Even in heels, we can make it happen,” Baechler said.

According to online calculators, a 160-pound person burns 29 calories in 3 minutes walking up stairs. Climbing those stairs four times a day would burn 116 calories!

“Parking further away when we think about going to Target or even at work. Just zip up to the furthest place away, save the time and then walk in — get those extra steps, because that’s really what’s going to make the difference in the day,” Baechler said.

Again, a 160-pound person will burn 41 calories walking just 10 minutes at an average pace.

“Keeping a set of hand weights underneath your desk and taking the opportunity a few minutes at the time to just do some curls, do some triceps or even standing at your desk is really good. You’re much more likely to go on and walk to talk to a colleague rather than send an e-mail,” Baechler.

Light lifting can burn about 97 calories in 30 minutes. They are little movements that can add up to big results.

The amount of calories you burn will depend on your current weight and how rigorous the exercise is, but it does seem rather easy to get those extra 100 burned each day.

Now, imagine if you bike, walk or rollerblade to work.


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