MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 23-year-old Farmington man faces arson and theft charges after police say he left an iPod in a truck he burglarized and set on fire.

Glenn Adam Smith is charged with one count of arson and one count of theft, stemming from an incident last week.

According to a criminal complaint, a man called police last Wednesday saying someone broke into his truck, set it on fire and stole speakers and tools. The value of the missing items was more than $1,000, and the suspect was described as being a thin man wearing blue latex gloves.

The victim also said he found a phone in his truck that didn’t belong to him. Police then discovered that the device was not a phone, but an iPod.

Using an application, police learned the item belonged to Smith. Officers then found his truck nearby, and inside, in plain view, were a bunch of tools, a gas can, and a box of blue latex gloves.

Police began to tow Smith’s truck, and that’ when he appeared. Police spoke with him, and he first told officers that his iPod had been stolen. Then he changed his story, saying he must have dropped it.

He also said that he lived with his mom, the complaint states. But when officers tried to call her to verify her son’s story, she didn’t respond.

Smith then tried to get his wife to back him up, but the two argued on the phone after she told officers she wasn’t him.

If convicted of both charges, Smith could face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and/or and $20,000 fine.

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