Mike’s Mix: Barbycham

Every Friday, Mike Augustyniak picks up a new cocktail recipe from a local mixologist. This week, he’s tackling the Barbycham from St. Paul’s Ward 6.

1 1/4 oz Rhubarb-infused gin
1 oz St. Germaine
1/2 fresh lime juice
2 oz Prosecco

• Shake first three ingredients with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass
• Top with cold Prosecco or Cava

To infuse the gin: chop and then briefly boil four stalks of rhubarb in some water; just enough to soften it, not to cook it. Strain off the water, and introduce the softened rhubarb into a London-dry style gin, like Tanqueray. Let rest for four days, strain and re-bottle.

Taste Test
The rhubarb is as much a smell experience as a taste experience in this drink.  The gin that bartender Bob Parker chose to use doesn’t compete with the infused flavor, leading to a well-balanced summertime flavor.

About Ward 6
Ward 6 represents Eastside St. Paul. According to their website, “the structure at 858 Payne Ave. was built by one Magnus Lindgren around 1885. Lindgren apparently owned and operated a saloon here until he was bought out by the Hamm’s Brewery in 1903.”

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