FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) — Pronto Pup versus corn dog? White milk versus chocolate? Those are just a few of the things you wanted to know about this week.

Sandra from Hinckley asked: How much milk do we drink at the fair?

About 32,000 gallons, or the amount it would take one cow 4 years to produce.

Some 50.3 percent of the milk sold at the fair is normal milk. The other 49.7 percent is chocolate milk.

Donna from Grand Rapids asked: What day set attendance records at the fair?

It happened last year after that hot, hot weather. The second Sunday of 2013 saw 236,197 people.

What’s the difference between a Pronto Pup and a cord dog?

A main ingredient in the batter of the Pronto Pup is wheat flour, while corn dogs have more cornmeal.

Which sells better?

The Pronto Pup accounts for about 60 percent of the batter-fried hot dog market.

Al and Carole from Blaine wanted to know: Does every state have a state fair?

Every state does but Pennsylvania and Nevada.

And the New England states share a fair in Massachusetts called The Big E.

The Minnesota State Fair ranks second only to Texas when it comes to attendance, but that’s because their state fair goes for almost a month and they throw some football games in there.

So, Christopher from Minneapolis asked: Why not make our fair longer?

Well, the fair says we can’t go later, because school starts and we really can’t go earlier because of the county fairs.


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