Vikings OL Alex Boone Rips Colin Kaepernick Over National Anthem Protest

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Alex Boone, now an offensive lineman for the Minnesota Vikings and once a teammate of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, had some choice words for him after Kaepernick sat during a national anthem over the weekend.

The 49ers were playing a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers, and Kaepernick chose to sit and not acknowledge the anthem in a form of protest over alleged police brutality involving African-American men.

Kaepernick said, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Boone and Kaepernick were teammates as recently as last season when Boone was an offensive lineman for San Francisco. Boone has been outspoken since joining the Vikings, and Kaepernick’s protest of the anthem didn’t sit well with him. Boone has a brother serving in the U.S. Marines.

Boone said Kaepernick’s pregame demonstration was “shameful” and that “there’s a time and a place” for that kind of political speech.

“You should have some f***ing respect for people who served,” Boone said Sunday after the Vikings’ preseason win over San Diego. “Especially people that lost their life to protect our freedom. We’re out here playing a game, making millions of dollars. People are losing their life, and you don’t have the common courtesy to do that. That just drove me nuts.”

Boone also said if they were still teammates and he had been there for Kaepernick’s protest, “We probably would have had a problem on the sideline.”

Kaepernick said he plans to continue his national anthem protest until he sees changes with how black people are treated.


One Comment

  1. vinny says:

    What Kap’s excuse is absolutely wrong. We do not oppress anyone, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to become a football player. Protesting against the Flag and the National Anthem causes division not unity, because the Flag Represents the Men and Women who died to preserve a democracy for all. It’s a new idea, but not perfect. We are a mixed nation of people from all over the World and as History we created we have to learn and fix from not repeat. He also doesn’t understand the heavier powers that control the actual government that prevents WWIII. He wouldn’t have the brains to last five minutes in that world. Oppressing? Maybe he should visit Africa if he wants to talk about African Americans. But not many Africans in American are fighting for their heritage in the Country they are ancestors from. The U.S. is a country that did. Did their forefathers create this country? I think not. Yes, we have issues to face and to fix, but political ranting on the football field isn’t the place! I can’t do it at a normal place of work and it’s my right also. Kap has no feasible excuse. Should be made of example of those who aren’t properly taking matters. Why don’t he quit football and run for Congress or something and change laws? Spoiled brat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now he isn’t the highest paid quarterback nor the most talented quarterback in the NFL this is his tantrum for being on backup quarterback.

    1. dan w says:

      “Did their forefathers create this country? I think not.”;

      Our forefathers built this country on the backs of his forefathers.

      ” the Flag Represents the Men and Women who died to preserve a democracy for all.”;

      While many have served and died to preserve our nation, that’s not all it represents. It also represents his freedom to make the choice to sit during a song.

    2. Dan Mack says:

      He is sending the wrong message. As a leading figure in professional sports looked up to as a role model for young black children he should be doing as our local hero Adrian Peterson does. He should be out fathering as many illegitimate children as he can with as many unwed babymommas as will have him and beat those toddlers so severely that they require emergency room treatment. Family values like that are what we need more of in the DFL Socialist Village. While slacking off and sitting down on the job when you are paid to stand and deliver is expected of Socialist union members, we would expect more of him here in the Welfare State.

  2. leftofright says:

    The solution is simple, his team and the NFL should protest his paycheck until such time as he decides that his place and time to protest is not at games. If they or he refuses, then the fans need to send a message.

  3. dan w says:

    I served and I respect Kaepernick’s right to make the choice he feels is right for him… Everyone else needs to get over it!

  4. John Random says:

    Black President, black actors, black musicians, black CEO’s, black business owners, black athletes…. it comes down to what each person makes of it. Don’t expect government to take care of you and tell us how oppressed you are when there are many times more blacks leading happy and successful lives. #overratted

    1. dan w says:

      ” Don’t expect government to take care of you and tell us how oppressed you are when there are many times more blacks leading happy and successful lives.”;

      Says the white guy who hasn’t got a clue…

      1. Dan Mack says:

        dan: That is downright racist of you to imply that blacks are whiney losers despite the fact they expect and receive preferential treatment and government entitlements just because they are black. Even if it’s true. In the Welfare Village we prefer that you blame a lack of personal responsibility on the evil white man.

        1. dan w says:

          I know Dan Mack, you’re not him, why are you using his name? That’s creepy…

      2. John Random says:

        Says every white guilt idiot that has no legitimate response…. you democrats who chooses to keep ’em poor and uneducated so they are dependent on your handout (which you get votes in return for) and then feel entitled to equal opportunity rather than go out and put effort into life. regardless of color, the people who put forth effort will almost ALWAYS come out on top.

        1. dan w says:

          You can resort to name calling, something today’s right-wing commenters are good at and the response you all eventually get to, because you still don’t understand the scope of the issue. I’m sure you’re one of the people that thinks we’re past racism, that everyone has the same opportunities, that all it takes is hard work, well you’re wrong on all counts.

          You don’t understand the underlying institutional racism that has always been there, while each wave of new immigrants has had to deal with their version of racism from the ones already here, blacks have been dealing with it since the beginning of this nation. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to ignore it, the problems faced by the black members of our community are real, you can, as people like you do, blame them on someone else, for you people everything is someone else’s fault, but that won’t make them go away.

          You don’t really know any black people, do you. I’m sure you have met or gone to school or even worked with some, but you never actually got to know any. You don’t understand their lives at all and unfortunately, too many Americans are just like you. You ignore that both Republicans and Democrats have, for generations, legislated racism into the system. With economic and housing policy, as well as community development and educational policies to name just a few.

          Get your head out of the “White Nationalist” fantasy world you live in. Now go ahead, it’s time for more name calling…

          1. John Random says:

            See here is where you couldn’t be more wrong. My son and daughter have friends that their father is black and he is originally from Liberia… We do Bday parties with them , school events, play dates, and share the same daycare. He is the friendliest, nicest, and one of the most outgoing people I know, he loves America and everyone I know loves him. He does not expect to be given a living, he knows he has to earn it, and with that he has earned the respect of many. And this is one example for black(S) I know and associate with by choice, not because they are at work or whatever… Problem is you want to coddle them all and they have figured that out, once you’ve been given free stuff for doing nothing for a period of time, you don’t want to have to earn it any more… you just want it free with no strings attached.

            I know there is racism and I know people are oppressed, but it is not the majority. Stop making racism and oppression the hot topic and seem like it happens to 9 of 10 because that is not reality. It is a very small part of everyday life, and even a small part is too much but nothing will ever be perfect. And white nationalist??? That is more insulting than being called an idiot, so who’s name calling? And of course you know Dan Mack… you probably say hi in the mirror every morning.

            1. dan w says:

              The fact that your friend, who is black, moved here from Liberia means he probably doesn’t understand the generational issues facing the black community in this country any better than you do. Good for him, I’m glad he’s doing well.

              If you think people living on any kind of public assistance are being coddled, then you don’t know anything about those programs either, there aren’t any “no strings attached” programs, qualifications and time limitations are clear and strictly enforced.

              While you may see racism and oppression as a small part of your everyday life, too many are not that lucky, it is a big issue in this country and it’s way past time to start correcting the mistakes made over generations. Huge legislative mistakes made by members of both Parties for many decades, but maybe that’s too big an issue for you to understand anyway.

              1. John Random says:

                Sorry, I forgot you know all and nothing I say or do is right or correct if you don’t agree with it, nothing I have experienced is the same or equal to you. You are exactly what is wrong with this changed ‘America’ there is always an excuse, or problem, or hurt feelings…. people just cant be normal people it has to be about who is or isn’t equal or the same or of what race. We are all humans and the sooner you stop making it about the color of the humans the sooner we can get away from you who are keeping it prevalent thinking you are the justice warrior.

                1. dan w says:

                  Now that’s just troll word salad…

  5. Kally Waters says:

    He can just get out there and attend the next BLM protest anytime he likes. He is free to do that too! Maybe everyone should just sit down for their own little reason to hate Police/Public Government unions/minimum wage/gang violance/the drugs sold to many black people that ruin their lives/cost of gas/size of stop signs…

  6. Ed says:

    I long for the; Bud Grant, old school requirement for all players to stand at attention during the anthem. I was brought up to stand motionless with my hand or hat over my heart from the introductory announcement, to the last applause following the Star-Spangled Banner. Any gum chewing or swaying was met with a stern rebuke. Many of today’s players are pacing and looking in every which direction, except the flag. Not the best example for impressionable youth, but perhaps the norm in today’s head in their phone society. Any player that speaks out or sits out, while also striving to be responsible to their family and the community has my full support.

  7. Kally Waters says:

    Kaepernick is a big nothing. Any moron can sit down but a real man would stand up and say I am going to do something about black on black violance that kills over 100 people a day in the united states and kills more inocent by standers than all police involved shooting combined.
    Opps, I am using logic and commen sense. Not allowed when BLM supporters are involved.

  8. Anne Tobisch says:

    What in the world is he doing living the United States? Also, what if anything is the NFL doing a out this?

  9. Shelly says:

    Frist I would like to address Dan Mack, Everyone is entitled to an opinion but if you are going to be sharing information please make sure it is right. Fact: Blacks do to get and treatment of favor from any government agency preferential treatment because of the color of their skin. Fact there are more white people on Welfare then blacks why don’t you do your homework before you speak ignorance. Fact: people do blame their short comings on others, make excuses and just don’t apply themselves when they should and can and that is all people of color/race. Fact: Dan Mack likes for one to think he is educated and up to date with his facts however this is just an very uneducated guess go and find the facts and then post something worth while until them BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD.

    1. dan w says:

      He is not even really Dan Mack, he stole that name from a guy who continually owned him here before they changed the commenting platform, I know Dan Mack, this is not him. You’re also right about him wanting us to think he is educated about issues, but he certainly is not and will always fail to respond to any challenge or request for sources to support his claims.

      Now that you have challenged him, he will make you a target as well, just remember, he’s just a troll.

  10. Shelly says:

    Kaepernick, I understand the point you are trying to make however, there are many people who have died and are still dying to fight for we as the people to live without turmoil. I know how it feels to deal with judgment and not get justice just because I am a black person and it’s awful, hurtful and disrespectful but this is the world we live in so don’t be like them be better and always respect others.

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