Another Person Of Interest In Wetterling Case Speaks Out

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man who, at one point, found himself at the center of the Wetterling investigation is speaking out.

Jacob Wetterling was kidnapped at the end of Dan Rassier’s driveway.

Authorities questioned him over the years, dug up his property and publicly named him a person of interest in 2010.

Saturday, he expressed his sadness for the Wetterling family.

“I just feel for the Wetterling family and all the kids that knew Jacob. It’s a very sad miracle if it really has closure, if that’s possible,” Rassier said.

Rassier has not been cleared as a person of interest in the case.

He told WCCO that was especially tough on his father, who died last year days after Heinrich’s arrest.

Rassier said all his father wanted was to see his son’s name cleared.


One Comment

  1. Rick Astinov says:

    Really? The police suspected a man kidnapped the boy at the end of his own driveway?

    1. Kim says:

      It was more than that. DR’s actions the night of Jacob’s disappearance were seen as odd. He also lived with his parents and still does his Dad died last year. the night of the kidnapping his parents just so happened to be out of the country, so nobody could verify DR alibi that night.

      1. Norge says:

        Yea, real suspicious……he’s innocent and Heirich has admitted his guilt. People like you defending the defamation of others by law-enforcement means you are another liberal who is willing to do anything and destroy anyone to achieve your goals, regardless of others. Are you related to Hillary?

  2. Esme should lose her job over Dilbert — Dilbert shot a teacher accusing him of abducting Jacob. So many lives were destroyed by this abduction, and now it’s obvious it was the media helping bumble the investigation with their ratings gimmicks.

    1. Ryan says:

      Wow… It had nothing to do with the Sheriff’s office that can only solve 16% of the part 1 crimes they handle and seem to have extreme difficulty solving missing persons or murders without the public doing their work for them…. And by the way, Dilbert, is a comic strip character….Delbert, is who shot Mr. Larson

      1. Dilbert, Delbert — he died shortly after Esme suggested he kidnapped Jacob, it wasn’t really clear why he died or the cause of his death in jail . He was probably a mental case from being a person of interest for decades in small town gossip circles.

  3. Norge says:

    Anyone who has followed this case, and the other assaults on boys in Paynesville, from the beginning, and doesn’t see the link between Heinrich remaining free all these years, and the ‘bumbling’ of the Sheriffs Dept. is being willfully ignorant. Back at the beginning Heinrich had an active accomplice in the Sheriffs dept. BET ON IT.

  4. Norge says:

    As further evidence of an active accomplice within the Sheriffs dept. there is the FALSE naming of others as “persons of interest”. Feeding red-herrings to keep other agencies off of Heinrichs scent, because if Heinrich is busted so is officer X within the sherrifs dept.

  5. Norge says:

    The Wetterling case should never be classified as closed until the accomplice within the Sheriffs Dept is ID’d. NEVER be closed! If they close this case now they are really saying; “We are going to let a child-molesting murderer wearing a badge go free.” Speak up folks, is this the kind of law-enforcement you want???

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