After Stray Bullet Hits School, North Minneapolis Community Calls For Action

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — North Minneapolis residents are calling for action after another shooting took place in the vicinity of a school.

This time, bullets went through a window and into a stairwell inside Sorjourner Truth Academy. No one was hit, but many in the community are calling for others to step up and help stop the violence.

“This is the time about community, community coming together,” Larry McKenzie of Pillsbury United Communities said.

Shareholders in north Minneapolis, or people who call this part of town home, gathered in front of Sojourner Truth Academy to call for an end to violence near schools.

“We’re losing babies. We’re losing elders and we must come together around finding some solutions,” McKenzie said.

A bullet pierced a 2nd floor window, flying into a stairwell that is well-traveled by students and staff. The act of violence is a repeat of last week’s shooting, near Lucy Laney Community School.

“This is not a Sojourner Truth Academy issue, it’s not a Lucy Laney issue — where it just happened during their open house — this is a community issue,” the school’s director Julie Guy said.

Police have increased patrols and set up additional mobile cameras throughout the community, but this is an issue that Minneapolis cannot police itself out of.

“We need stronger community partnerships,” Minneapolis Police Chief Janée Harteau said. “We need the people out in the community who know people who are shooting others. They are in your homes the guns are in your homes and we need you to bring that forward.”

Community members agree. Local activist Spike Moss says the cure to violence in the street starts at home.

“Go search your house, make sure there ain’t no bullets, ain’t no dope,” he said. “I’m not asking you to step out in front of these people and deal with gangs, I’m asking you go get yours just go get yours.”

Chief Harteau says investigators know the shootings are gang related. Last week, officers arrested 36 people and took nine guns off the street. Harteau says with help from the community, they can do even more to help quell the violence.

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One Comment

  1. Dave Seavy says:

    Until people start speaking up, nothing is going to change. When these incidents happen, nobody in the witness pool will come forward and give leads, and the continued violence on the north side just gets worse. Yet the residents complain. It’s time to stop going on camera with your sad stories and start talking with authorities. Otherwise, you’re going to continue to live in a war zone.

  2. Dan Mack says:

    They been listening, they got their drugs, they gots their gangs, They gots their bullets. We have been giving north Minneapolis Community development gangs millions every year to get their gangs drugs, guns and bullets. Rashid and Levey-pounds lead em in using those drugs an guns. All is well in the Socialist Hood. Mayor Betsy approves the gang’s messages. Lurkin an spittin whilst they pick their targets is the way it is supposed to be in the Village.

  3. leftofright says:

    Where is BLM? Or do they only come out when the press reports that an officer shot a black person, especially when that black person has a long criminal record?

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