Stories From The Sidelines: Concussions & High School Athletics

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — High school athletics are in full swing and, unfortunately for many, that means dealing with injuries.

This week’s Stories from the Sidelines looks at brain injuries –- what parents and athletes should know when weighing the risk of contact sports.


One Comment

  1. Tony Clifton says:

    Back in the day, Boys did not play tackle football until Freshman, in High School. (can’t speak for friends playing together, but we usually played touch football.) It would be ninth grade in Junior High and beginning to interact with the High School on would play for as junior High teams played. This was a time when School was cared about, and those that survived a World War, new to protect their Son’s young Brains. When did common sense change, and the putting of toddlers into head slamming occur? This causes decades of inuries to a young brain.

    1. Tony Clifton says:

      Is it just me or do other suffer constant crashing of the news page when one is trying to leave a comment. one thinks cc0 does this on purpose to mess us up to and to give up on the whole quest. It causes many errors on the comments. I do NOT experience this on any other comment page.

  2. Dan Mack says:

    When did common sense change, and the putting of toddlers into head slamming occur?
    In north Minneapolis they are much more likely to be shot on school grounds. They start them in the government union pre-school black gangs there. All the better to prepare them for the shoot-outs and drive-bys of everyday life in the hood. Ask Rashid about it at the next scheduled braindeadlivesmatter riot.

    1. Tony Clifton says:

      Many Moons ago, the weapon of choice was the spear. Perhaps blm should question much of their own history, instead of changing ours. Also one has to wonder why they didn’t live in castles in the far away homeland, if you get my gist.

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