Muslim Community On Guard With Holy Day After 9/11 Anniversary

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota’s Muslim community is on guard. Many are concerned about safety because one of the most important holy days comes one day after Sept. 11.

Eid al-Adha is celebrated on Sept. 12 this year, giving some concern because it is so close to the anniversary.

“People are in good mood but obviously fasting then also preparing themselves for the holiday tomorrow,” Jaylani Hussein said.

The Karmel Mall in Minneapolis is full of people preparing for the Muslim holy holiday of Eid.

“This is the sacrifice holiday and it is the biggest holiday,” Hussein said.

Eid al-Adha marks the end of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Muslim Americans are concerned that gatherings could become targets, because of how close the holy day is to the anniversary of the 911 attacks.

“The past few years every time this large gathering happens, we’ve always been on the edge. Part of it is we’ve seen the climate change, you know, the anti-Muslim organizing is at a new level,” Hussein said.

The local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations issued safety guidelines to leaders of local mosques as well as those in charge of larger gatherings at the Minneapolis Convention Center in and The River Centre in St. Paul.

“With these type of gathering security is something that is somewhat of a concern many of the leaders have made efforts to be prepared and vigilant,” Hussein said.

Police are on board, providing extra patrols in areas where thousands will be gathered for prayer. Private security will also be used.

Jaylani Hussein says he hopes as Americans we can remember the 911 anniversary and not allow anything to cause one American to want to do harm to another.

“We have Muslims, Jews, Christian, Hindus, all people of faith made this country their home and they say and profoundly say we are Americans and that’s the uniqueness of this country. We cannot allow any group to break that deep long bond,” Hussein said.

Many will celebrate Eid with prayers early in the morning. Hussein says kids receive gifts while adults pray and ask for forgiveness.

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One Comment

  1. Tim says:

    The media needs to stop pushing the Muslim agenda. They do not deserve any special treatment any more than any other religious group.

  2. leftofright says:

    why are these people concerned? When has a white person ever gone into a mosque or a group of middle easterners and opened fire? On the other hand, it is almost a daily occurrence across the world when a person of middle eastern decent slaughters gays, Christians, and non Muslim people. It appears the Muslim fears and those of our press are misplaced.

  3. Wanye Kest says:

    Well who can blame them? After those wackos flew planes into the WTC, killing all those muslims. And that nut job in Orlando killed all those muslims in that nite club. And those two idiots killed those muslims in California. No wonder they’re worried. I’m worried too. 24/7/365…..not just on some who-cares holiday. Maybe Bike-Lane Betty can get her neighbors to put signs in their yards again in support. I wonder how may of her muslim neighbors (my guess is those types aren’t allowed in her neighborhood) put signs up in support of Christian or Jewish holidays? Pretty sure I know the answer.

    1. S Strand says:

      I always appreciate your intellect, and message. Growing up post WWII, I can never recall our Japanese or German citizens twisting the facts of whom the original aggressor was, and claiming to be afraid of their Fellow Americans. Its really getting old, what this present administration has done to the atmosphere, in our Country.

  4. Muslims are a satanic cult who murder Christians. They always project hate from their book, the Quran, on everyone else. Left wing media like WCCO always give them free air time to lie to the public. These people are monsters. That will never change. You will never see a Democrat politicians live next a Muslim. Never.

  5. memphisgrass says:

    America is on guard. Guarding against attacks perpetrated by Muslims.

  6. S Strand says:

    While you are at it Hussein, Christians, (Presbyterians, Quakers, Puritans) and Judean’s, were for Centuries, the first mainly, in this Country. And they were Brave people. Not at all, in the way you list. Start reading about our Colonial population and individuals. Then, you will know the TRUTH. You cannot change, our History.

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