Minnesota Supreme Court Dismisses DFL Lawsuit To Take Trump Off Ballot

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Supreme Court on Monday rejected an effort by Democrats to strip Donald Trump’s name from the November ballot.

Top party leaders claimed Republicans did not follow proper legal requirements when they submitted Trump’s name on the ballot. But the court acted quickly, dismissing the lawsuit.

Minnesota’s Democratic Party claimed Republicans failed to properly submit the names of Donald Trump and Mike Pence to be on the state ballot. They’re also claiming that Republicans messed up at their summer convention, when they picked their Presidential electors and alternates.

Democrats wanted the Supreme Court to hear the case within two weeks, but the court said they waited too long to file their claim.

Early absentee and in-person voting begins in Minnesota in just 11 days: Sept. 23. The Secretary of State’s Office says it had already printed one million ballots in advance.

The order, signed by Chief Justice Lori Gildea, said, “Under these circumstances, we cannot agree that a 2 week delay was reasonable or that the prejudice that would result from that delay going forward is minimal.”

In a written statement late Monday afternoon, the Minnesota Republican Party called the lawsuit a “blatant Democrat attempt to rig the Minnesota election for Hillary Clinton and disenfranchise Minnesota voters.”

To be clear, the Supreme Court ruled Democrats filed their legal challenge too late, and not on the merits of the case. Minnesota courts place extra-high importance on legal challenges related to elections. Generally, they try to resolve election cases very quickly, especially when voting is about to begin.

So there was no adjudication on the merits, just the timing. It was filed too late.

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One Comment

  1. Wanye Kest says:

    Eh, who cares. It’s not like Trump would win. At least this way, the Commander-In-Thief wannabe can say she won Minnesota, just like old Wally Mondale (lest we forget, the Electoral College score was Reagan 425, Wally 13. Yes we had 10 EC votes back then and Wally also took DC for his whopping total). And realistically, there are enough DFL moonbats in Minnesota that would vote Hillary into office even if (when?) she was dead so as the Millenials say, BFD. #ImWithHearse!

  2. Norge says:

    The DFL (Dumb F@#&#ng Liberals) are slowly, ever so slowly, having an awakening…..and they are afraid……so very, very afraid. BoooWhaahahahahah!!

  3. Murray Landau says:

    Wow, the Dumbocrats must really be worried to take this kind of measure to keep Trump from winning. How sad is that?? They say that the Republicans have to follow rules, but their own presidential candidate is someone who NEVER follows the rules, UNLESS, OF COURSE, THEY ARE HER OWN. What a joke you are Dumbocrats!!

  4. S Strand says:

    Thereby proving they (democrats) are named incorrectly, as there is nothing Democratic, about them.

  5. mark says:

    how dare does any party try and take away people’s right to vote. leave it to the democ(rat)es. minnesota has always been a Democrat state. if you want a job in government in Minnesota or Washington just run on a Democrat ticket. they will stop at no end .

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