Activists March Against Islamophobia In South Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – People gathered in Minneapolis Saturday to show support for Muslims in Minnesota and across the country.

The “Stand Up Against Islamophobia March” started around 1 p.m. People met at Mayday Books on Cedar Avenue South and marched to the Minnesota Republican Party Headquarters on East Franklin Avenue.

Organizers say the march is meant to show their opposition to hate speech and crimes against Muslims. They say they are responding to comments made by Donald Trump, in particular, over the course of his campaign.


One Comment

  1. Tony Clifton says:

    Inferior brains, conjure up imaginary thoughts.

  2. Dan Dasson says:

    It’s okay to march, just avoid the mall where the jihadi is stabbing people.

  3. ***** says:

    excuse me!!.. i have NO phobia… but something else–no phobia about it.


    1. ***** says:

      trying to CREATE the victim card…
      …but the real victims are in Crossroad Mall, New Jersey, Florida, on and on–i see NO victims in that march

  4. I have no Islamophobia, I just hate terrorists!! If it walks like a duck, it is a duck!! Trump 2016!!!

  5. Norge says:

    I wish there was a requirement for truth in reporting. The media should give an estimate of participants, say, in this case 100 or so folks, then be forced to also give an estimate of folks in that population center who chose NOT to participate…..say 2.5 million. A little truth in reporting should be a requirement, not an option.

  6. Wanye Kest says:

    Perfect timing.

  7. Tim says:

    The media created this new “phobia” as a means to stir up more news The mindless lemmings show up

  8. Barney911 says:

    Only in Mpls.

  9. Fred says:

    Go tell this BS to those with knife wounds in St. Cloud

  10. Their timing for this ridiculous march is hilarious as the Muslims are actively killing us yet again.

    1. ***** says:

      No its called Karma

      1. Tony Clifton says:

        You can return to your third world cesspool and Karma each other up the kazoo. You know little else, but blame us for your inferiority. I’m saddened for you, that your brain can function only in a small realm, but please go away back, to where you cometh, from.

  11. Bart Drennon says:

    Note to self-Stay the hell out of Minnesota and all other terrorist sanctuaries.

  12. ***** says:

    did they march to a mall? singing i love NY

  13. ***** says:

    is this campaignn strategy for the women running public office- that married her brother so he can gain entry to the US-to get the sympathy vote?

  14. BarryHObama says:

    ISLAM == TERROR It is the GREATEST PROBLEM humans have ever faced.

  15. nivek yentrouc says:

    The liberals method for reducing Islamic terrorism in the US. The more Muslims we have in the US, the lower percentile that will be involved in terrorist events. So, if you have 100,000 Muslims and 100 terrorist events, you have 1/10 of 1 percent involved in terror. If you can increase the number of Muslims by 10 and your terrorist incidents only go up by 50 percent, you have achieved your goal of reducing the per Muslim incidence of terrorism! More Muslims, less terrorism.

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