Minnesota Somali Community Condemns Mall Stabbings

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) — Leaders of the Somali community in central Minnesota are condemning the stabbing of nine people at a mall.

Community leaders held a news conference Sunday and said the suspect in Saturday night’s attack at a St. Cloud mall does not represent the larger Somali community.

They urged the broader community to unite, and said they feared backlash against Somalis living in the area.

The man’s father identified the suspect as Dahir Adan in an interview with the Star Tribune. Authorities haven’t confirmed that name and say they are still investigating. Adan was shot dead by an off-duty police officer.

All nine victims suffered injuries that were not life-threatening.

Meanwhile, St. Cloud Technical and Community College says Adan was never a student there, as has been reported. St. Cloud University confirms he attended school there, but has not been enrolled since spring 2016.

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One Comment

  1. Time to infiltrate the islamic mosques and Somali neighborhoods and end islamic immigration. Until we can properly identify which people are loyal to the constitution of the US and which people should be held at guatanamo bay for conspiring to spread sharia law & islamic terrorism.
    Let the Christians in who are suffering genocide in Nigeria, Syria, & Iraq.

  2. This is what we get for being “minnesota nice”, by allowing this now huge population of people to come into MN originally sponsored by christian faiths, to decimate our state. Do they do anything positive for our state?. It always seems we’re catering to their needs.

    1. Randall C says:

      dayton says they pay taxes but then so do the rest of us and we don’t get programs for our kids to teach them not to become terrorists with tax payer money.

  3. T.N. Tatters says:

    This is nothing but Islamic Taquia. The Somalis pretend to care about the victims in order to appear as normal, sympathetic people. These are the same people who are raising ISIS terrorists. They don’t want to assimilate into Minnesota life. They simply want to use Minnesota as a base of operations in order to conduct their Islamic jihad.

    1. Tony Clifton says:

      I would love to see them all with shovels in their hands, cleaning snow off a highway during a blizzard. Then they can finally get a feel of what it means to assimilate. They need to shovel some Minnesota snow, in a full blown blizzard.

  4. Randall C says:

    they can denounce this all they want but it doesn’t change the fact attacks across the country and world keep happening against the west and some of their kids run off to join isis.

  5. Kally Waters says:

    Leaders of the Somali crime, gang, sex trafficking, financial crime community could care less about those that were attacked. As said before “This is nothing but Islamic Taquia.”

  6. Dan Mack says:

    White lives do not matter. Why just today the Supreme leader of the Socialist Village, Husain Obama, told the black congressional caucus that Muslim terrorists killing American citizens in their homes is just a big joke like his non-extant birth certificate. His Imam says they deserve it.

  7. Norge says:

    If, and I mean IF….they are serious in their condemnation, then they can start to prove it by losing the stupid head-dresses and tearing down the mosques and start assimilating into the American way of behaving. Enough is enough: ASSIMILATE OR GO BACK TO SOMALIA!

  8. Norge says:

    These ‘news conferences’ conducted by so-called “community leaders” never can pass the basic smell-test. They always immediately call for a news conference, then pose and profile for the camera, but they always make sure their women are silent, and are wearing their hajibee thingees, and appear totally cowed. The lame-stream gives them lip service and our idjit governor calls for tolerence, but…..if anyone bothered to follow them after the news conference they would discover that they all head straight for their mosque and talk up holy-war and plan their next moves……like running for congress and the legislature………oh, wait….

  9. Tim says:

    Of course this invasive species is going to decry this terrorist act. There are plenty more sleeper jihadists among their ranks. Time to stop providing this group everything they demand because of a fake “phobia” created by the media. Take back Minnesota from the lemming and liberals.

  10. NonLib says:

    I admit I am getting tired and fed up with all things that are said. If the Muslims are fed up with this – turn them in.
    If the North side is fed up and wants change – turn them in.
    Short of this – I just don’t care what occurs inside your communities, nor when one acts out that they make it to cry to the world they were a victim of >>>BS<<<
    I am probably turning into a semi-racist and I no longer care

    1. T.N. Tatters says:

      What they call “communities” are really nothing more than run-down, dirty ghettos full of crime.

  11. NonLib says:

    Last sentence in article – read it. Yes – he was a student there. No – he currently was not it seems.
    Did journalism totally die??

    1. T.N. Tatters says:

      Short answer–yes.

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