North Minneapolis Mother Speaks Out Against Violence

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A north Minneapolis mom is looking for community help to stop the violence before it claims another life.

Her plea comes after a bullet went through her son’s bedroom window.

The shooting happened Sunday night a little after 8.

“That’s the gunshot that came inside of my son’s bedroom last night,” said a north Minneapolis mother.

She is counting her blessings Monday night, thankful that her son is not the city’s latest homicide victim.

“And it came all the way into his bedroom to where his headboard is. The hole, right where his head would be. He usually sits right here,“ the mom said.

Luckily, this family was not home when bullets came to visit.

“There was a shot spotter activation near Eighth and Queen and officers responded and found a number of casings in the intersection,” said Inspector Michael Kjos.

Minneapolis police found more than a dozen shell casings.

“In incidents like this where multiple rounds were fired, somebody in that neighborhood likely saw something or knows something,” Kjos said.

This mother hopes the people she calls neighbor step up and make a difference.

“Please call the police right away, they need everybody in the community to be engaged and care about what’s going on,” the mom said.

Police are using extra patrols and officers on overtime beyond the normal staffing to help out.

They will also post a mobile camera in the area.

“We have to prioritize where we put them and in this case I am going to have a mobile camera moved to Eighth and Queen to have visible presence 24 hours a day,” Kjos said.

“Everybody has a right to live in peace, nobody should live scared,” the mom said.

This mom didn’t want her face or name known.

She hopes there are people like her who are fed up and ready to speak out so police can round up those she says are holding the community hostage.

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One Comment

  1. Wanye Kest says:

    Until North Minneapolis stops voting in lock-step for tools like Bike-Lane Betty, nothing will change. Before ‘The Great Society’, a family could live comfortably on one income. Now, a family can barely get by on two. Where did that extra income go? To pay for social programs like welfare, section 8, food stamps, etc. And what’s the result? Zero, zip,nada. After trillions of dollars down the social program rat hole, the needle hasn’t budged. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Stop voting for people who lie to you and tell you they have your best interests at heart. Believe me, Betsy Hodges believes charging a nickel for plastic bags is far more important than your son’s life. And she would prefer that he doesn’t get a decent education so he can be fooled into voting for her when he’s old enough to do so. That is if he lives that long. You have my sympathy. Others are as outraged as you are. But the solution must come from within the black community. Unfortunately, we know all too well that more money won’t solve the problem. Keep fighting. Some of us are listening.

  2. You Couldnt See That Coming says:

    Who in their right mind lives in that community? What is wrong with you?? If you ever think that something is going to change there, you truly need to consider therapy. It’s the culture. No one talks to the police, everyone knows what’s going on; yet, they blame everyone but themselves for all the violence, drugs, gangs. They believe everyone but themselves are responsible for their troubles, and the city contributes to the ongoing stupidity by going along with it.

    Call the police out of the neighborhood entirely and let the residents figure it out. It’s like dealing with young children. When they cry, you don’t reinforce it.

  3. Dan Mack says:

    “She hopes there are people like her who are fed up and ready to speak out so police can round up those she says are holding the community hostage.” Ha ha ha. Queen Janey and mayor Betsy have a moratorium on stopping or arresting blacks after they met with Dayton and the blm in the governor’s mansion to negotiate ransom payments and no-go policing of the fourth prescient.. You got what you asked for. 35 million more in welfare dollars allocated to north Minneapolis in the last legislative session. And lots more to follow next session. Don’t complain now. No police officer in his right mind would risk his/her job in any attempt to interfere with a black gang thug in north Minneapolis or downtown. Even now the black community leaders in north Minneapolis are hollering about too many blacks from the gangs winding up in jail. We already have free government union staffed all-day daycare from birth , maybe we can start 24/7 early learning, busing to off-site (out of north Minneapolis) boarding schools for black children with one-on-one personal government union tutors to teach the children morals and ethics. Maybe that will cut down on them shooting each other.

    1. Dan Mack says:

      The frequency of them shooting each other seems to drop off drastically if they reach age 30, so if we keep them in these off-site 24/7 boarding schools till they reach age 30 we will be on track to ending this black criminal diversity gap.

      1. Dan Mack says:

        The Minneapolis Urban League got double-dip payments of many millions on this idea with their 13th grade ” pay to keep them off the streets” pilot program using a couple dozen kids, with a few actually staying out of jail during a school term. A 25th grade full time boarding school should work wonders.

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