By Heather Brown

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Phyllis from Edina wants to know: Why do we yell “Fore” to warn people in golf?

The etymology of “Fore” is not entirely clear, but it is believed to be an old Scottish saying for “look out ahead.”

In addition, when golf balls were more expensive, golfers used “forecaddies” to go ahead and see where the ball landed. Ultimately, “forecaddie” was shortened to “fore.”

Two friends of Thomas from St. Louis Park recently got license plates with the letters “GUT.” So, he wants to know: How does the state determine license plate combinations?

The Department of Public Safety says the combinations are generally assigned randomly when they are produced. That said, they could have the same letter combination if they were issued by the same licensing office or went through a new car dealer using the electronic vehicle registration process.

For standard plates, the Department of Vehicle Services uses the numbers zero to nine and all letters in the alphabet, except the letters Q, O and I because Q and O look like zero and the letter I looks like the number 1.

Now that two high-profile Vikings have received surgery on their knees, Diane from Plymouth asks: Who pays for NFL player surgeries?

James Selmer of Selmer Sports Management says the league, and ultimately the team, pays for it. When a player is injured, their expenses are covered by provisions in the collective bargaining agreement. Players are also allowed to pick a doctor of their choice to perform the medical procedure.


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