MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The public reaction to Monday night’s debate was mixed.

As of Monday night, according to a poll on WCCO’s Facebook page, 64 percent of viewers believed Hillary Clinton won the debate. Thirty-six percent said it was Donald Trump.

WCCO Radio sponsored a debate viewing party at the Minnesota History Center, where there was quite a range of reactions.

Laughs, groans, cringing. It was a room full of Clinton and Trump supporters and some undecided potential voters.

A lot of supporters from both sides said before the debate that it would be about giving specifics, not being nasty or likability.

The chair of the Minnesota DFL party and the deputy chair of the Minnesota GOP were there. It’s probably no surprise both sides thought their candidate won.

“I think she stuck with facts. She explained what she planned to do,” said Clinton supporter Gyniek White. “Versus Donald Trump, I think he throws a lot of things out. He’s a very good comedian to me.”

“I really think that with Donald Trump where he scored the best was probably about an hour into the debate when he seemed to settle in,” Trump supporter Jeffrey Williams said, “when he was talking about the African-American community and the problems there. He had shown a lot of empathy.”

There is also debate about how much undecided voters could impact elections at this point. Sitting by, some didn’t laugh or enjoy the barbs. They had genuine concern in their eyes not knowing where to turn.

“I just feel like we’re not the only ones watching this. I think there’s a global community watching this,” undecided voter Vicki Fellows said. “When it comes to having foreign relations, that is important. If we are finding some of the things that are being said humorous, I worry about what other people in other countries are thinking.”

A lot of the undecided voters said they thought they were leaning a certain way after the debate, but there’s still room to change their minds after the remaining debates.

Comments (10)
  1. Patti says:

    I think Hilary won the debate not trump douchbag

    1. Mike Coxin says:

      What debate were you watching?

      Typical liberal who can’t admit the days are numbered for democrats!

  2. Randall C says:

    these polls are useless because it’s based on the people who enlarge patronize the particular news source. many are reportedly showing trump winning the debate. just go vote for who you want. the polls are just voter bias.

    1. Mike Coxin says:

      Absolutely! He called her out on everything that she has done wrong being a career politician.

      This women is a disgrace to America.

  3. S strand says:

    No one could convince me otherwise, that she did not in fact know before stepping on that stage, every question Holt would ask. Than Holt asking her to follow up on Trumps staements, along with Holt interrogating Trump.

    1. S strand says:

      Interesting how my comment posted before I had even gotten into it. Anyways, the debate was the usual scam; one sided, with Donald Trump doing an excellent job in spite being grilled by Holt dolt and Clinton

  4. Lawn Signs says:

    The debate has caused a definite spike in interest for Hillary and Trump lawn signs online at http://www.mansavageproductions.com/shop/index.html for example.

  5. Jen Adler says:

    ?? Public reaction is not mixed at all. It is rather apparent that Hillary Clinton trumped Trump. The only segment of society that wasn’t repulsed by Trump were the ‘deplorables’. And they’re hardly the sharpest tools in the shed.


    1. Tony Clifton says:

      Judging by your response, ‘life experience’ for you, is on the shorter end.

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