By Bill Hudson

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – No arrests have been made in a series of recent home invasions near Minneapolis’ north side.

At least three residents of the Heritage Park apartment complex were robbed after a masked intruder forced their way inside. That’s prompted a letter from the property manager warning people to use extreme caution answering the door.

On Monday’s picture perfect fall day, residents of Heritage Park should be out enjoying blue skies and bright leaves. Instead, many are left worrying about who comes knocking on their front door.

“Everybody says it’s so quiet, so family-friendly neighborhood,” Heritage Park resident Shanika Hall said. “I never thought that somebody would come to people’s houses with a mask on, knock on the door and try to rob.”

Residents of the apartment and townhome community grew concerned after reading the letter from Heritage Park management. It broke the news to residents like Rodney Scroggins of the break-ins committed by an armed and masked intruder.

“When I went over to pay rent today, she said they talked with police and the security force and they got a couple of suspects,” he said. “So she tried to exude confidence in that.”

Cash, credit cards and cellphones have been taken and, fortunately, nobody’s been hurt in the attacks. Still, police say they’ve made no arrests and urge residents to be cautious.

“Don’t open your door to strangers and we’re asking people if they know someone’s coming over, make sure it’s them,” Minneapolis police spokesperson Sgt. Catherine Michal said.

Police and private security have stepped up neighborhood patrols. Residents say replacing burned out street lights would also help deter illegal and suspicious activity. That’s important since all the attacks so far have been happening after dark, usually past 8:00 p.m.

“What kind of sick, twisted person would do something like that, especially in a family community?” Hall said.

Police explain that the intruder tricks residents by standing to the side of the entry door, outside of the range of the security peephole, adding that when somebody drops their guard they force their way into the home.

The best advice is not to open the door unless you’re absolutely certain of who’s standing outside.

To address neighborhood concerns there will be a special safety meeting at Heritage Park with police and security personnel on Wednesday, Oct. 12.

Comments (6)
  1. Mike Coxin says:

    Description please… ah never mind this is wcczero…. no description is the description.

  2. NonLib says:

    Y’all don’t want to offer up the race now?
    How come??
    After the weekend y’all think we moved up another notch on that FBI love tally? Hk – maylast night.
    Well done Village of Rainbow Lovers, Welcome Lovers of Any and All That Are Seeking Freebies and Liberal Heaven Seekers. We got it all right here for you we do….and FREE. Heckuva a deal !

  3. Dae-Quan Tyrese Johnson says:

    We get who’s doing it. No description is really a description.

  4. Dan Mack says:

    Mayor Betsy has a plan to reduce all this killing, shooting and armed robbery downtown. She says to just bare with her; because In just a few months when it gets too cold to comfortably lurk and spit outdoors in front of the police station downtown, we will see a dramatic drop.

  5. S strand says:

    People, keep a flame thrower ready for any invasive species, that break down your door.

  6. Concerned about this says:

    I can’t wait till Betsy herself falls victim to this violence…. she created it after all.

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