MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The attorney representing Philando Castile’s family is praising Sen. Tim Kaine following Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate, in which the topic of race and policing was discussed.

In a statement on Wednesday, Judge Glenda Hatchett, the former court show host who is representing Castile’s mother, said she applauded Kaine for “his insightful discussion on what is happening in this nation and his courageous analysis of the tragic murder of Philando Castile.”

During the debate, Kaine said that minorities in America are arrested at higher rates and often punished more harshly than their white counterparts.

“They called him Mr. Rogers with dreadlocks in the school that he worked,” Kaine said while speaking about Castile on the debate stage. “The kids loved him, but he had been stopped by police 40 or 50 times.”

Castile was fatally shot by a police officer in July during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights. The immediate and gruesome aftermath of the shooting was streamed live on Facebook by Castile’s girlfriend, prompting protests around Minnesota and the country.

The officer who pulled the trigger, St. Anthony Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez, is currently on administrative leave.

Last month, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s investigation into the shooting was handed over to the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office for review.

John Choi, the county attorney, has not given a timeline as to when a decision on possible charges against Yanez will be made.

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  1. Concerned about this says:

    ….of course they do…..

  2. Joy says:

    I wasn’t aware that Mr Rogers carried a gun. I wasn’t aware Mr Rogers smoked Marijuana and then would drive with a child in the car. I wasn’t aware Mr Rogers once belonged in a violent gang. I wasn’t aware Mr Rogers had no respect for the law. Using Mr Kaine’s logic, the Democratic party has extreme racist hate of our Latino population. The Officer is a Latino minority. Mr Kaine is correct on saying minorities are arrested at a higher rate. With the black male making up just over 6 % of our nations population, blacks males make up 45% of all cop-killers, Black males commit 62% of all robberies, 57 % of all murders, and 45 % of all assaults (DOJ’s 2014 stats).

    1. leftofright says:

      Mr. Rogers was not known to carry a gun on his lap and Mr. Rogers did not carry drugs while carrying a gun either. Apparently the black Mr. Rogers was a lot different than the Mr. Rogers from the television show….

      Being a C&C permit holder I can tell you that Mr. Castile was violating the terms of his permit due to transporting drugs while carrying. Also, can we seriously talk about the issues in the black community? This is a man they riot and protest for? A man that was seeing a married woman, carrying drugs, with a gun on his lap and a child in the back seat. If you want to know what is wrong with the black community, look no further. Quit holding up criminals as your example of police violence and instead focus on the real problem. 90+% of all black murders are committed by other blacks, less than 2% are committed by the police. The problem is not the police, the problem is the black community celebrating people that break the law and not teaching children to do the right thing, all of the time. Mr. Castile only needed to not be carrying his gun, not be selling drugs, not be seeing a married woman, listen to the commands of the officer, keep his hands in plain site, carry the gun reasonably (holster, glove box, …) and none of this would have happened, yet he is the one the local black community is holding up as a martyr, a hero, a Mr. Rogers….

  3. Dan Mack says:

    The Socialist Welfare community has suffered a big loss with the passing of mr Castile. It’s not about his disregard for the law. It is about the moral character he instilled in our young impressionable children. We work hard to see that black welfare kids get a healthy balanced free school lunch. Important as that is, the lesson that if you flash a “group” sign to the government worker in dreadlocks , he will bypass that, and load up your tray with special items you aren’t entitled to; prepackaged, one per tray items. There is no greater gift we can give our children than teaching them to scam the government from the earliest age possible. All the children loved him for the extra free stuff and we miss him dearly as a role model.

  4. Kally Waters says:

    This was a good clean kill by a good cop. Officer Yanez should be given lavish praises and rewarded.

  5. Kally Waters says:

    Not a “tragic murder of Philando Castile” but a good “good heads up cop shooting of someone high on drugs involved in criminal actions that could have resulted in other being killed if the cop had not acted”.

  6. Rob says:

    “Attorney Representing Philando Castile’s Family Praises Tim Kaine”

    But Kaine did a terrible, horrible job. Everyone says so.

    If the Castile family wants justice for the murder of Philando, they should get a lawyer who is not an idiot.

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