MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Newly released Hillary Clinton campaign emails show that her 2008 campaign may have been digging for dirt on then Sen. Barack Obama, who was her primary opponent.

Just days after Obama won the 2008 Iowa caucus, top Clinton allies discussed a poll testing negative facts about him, including his cocaine use, the fact that his father was a Muslim and that he grew up among Muslims.

Those who drafted the survey now say they were testing Obama’s vulnerabilities in case they needed to defend him later.

The questionnaire did also ask about Clinton’s negatives, including that she makes decisions based on polls, not principles.

Comments (7)
  1. Joy says:

    Hillary and her campaign went around saying negative, made up things about Obama.
    The lack of reporting on this is a small example EXTREME MEDIA BIAS.

  2. Hildabeast says:

    Oh really? Are you sure? I don’t remember any Clinton’s being involved in any scandals!

    Oh wait.. this is WCCZERO with the old ugly hag Esme c o c k gobblin Dayton!

    1. Dan Mack says:

      bulfrog says you are a lair. You made that all up. Hillary is as pure as the new fallen snow. You can trust her.

      1. bikerr123 says:

        And she keeps falling just like the snow.

      2. Hildabeast says:

        She is a evil bi tch and bullfrog is a moron!

  3. Hillary is nothing but lies, she said the wages between African Americans and White Americans is closing, It has grown to 22% over the last 8 years!!! She is only for herself and people who will help her with her agenda.

  4. Rob says:

    It is astounding that liberals can’t see evil plain as day.

    She accuses Obama of being a Muslim.

    Then she criticizes Trump for saying it even though he never has!

    What makes liberals so blind…so stupid…so gullible?

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